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Reducing Prep Time for Astrology Readings with Andrea Gehrz

Description: Are you spending hours prepping a chart before you speak with a client? Do you feel like you can never prep enough? That’s lost time…which is lost money! Also, this is stressful. To streamline your practice, Andrea Gehrz will provide tips on saving time during chart prep you can use for other things…like booking… Read More »Reducing Prep Time for Astrology Readings with Andrea Gehrz

Course In Miracles Chat Group

During this hour, we study the Course in Miracles. Each week is a different lesson. We will be doing all 365 lessons over the next few years. Join us for one lesson, or many!  Online Workbook:    Zoom Meeting: 812 2059 2779:

Astrological Remediation Reading Group

At this Reading Group, we will be reading and discussing the pivotal textbook, *Astrological Remediation: A Guide for the Modern Practitioner*. Join us for a lively and advanced astrology discussion!!! $7

Tarot Forum with John Marani

During this weekly Tarot Meet-up with John Marani, students celebrate their love of tarot by discussing a different topic each week. This group is perfect for new tarot readers, AND advanced readers as well. $10

Vettius Valens Reading Group

During this Weekly Reading Group, we will read through the Vettius Valens Anthology, and discuss what we are reading. This is perfect for any dedicated Hellenistic astrologer, and also for people just getting into Hellenistic Astrology. Dedicate yourself to this group and you won’t be sorry! $7

The Exaltations

Have you heard of the exaltations and want to know more about them? Do you want to use the exaltations in chart readings and essential dignity calculations? During this important class, we will learn everything there is to know about exaltations!