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Bach Flower Essences for the Twelve Signs with Beth Shekinah Terrence

June 29 @ 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM PDT

Through our astrological blueprint, we can come to know ourselves and how to navigate
our lives, relationships, and work. As we explore how our soul essence is expressed
and manifests in the world, we can gain insight into our challenges and our potentials.
Gathering synergistic holistic tools to support our natal astrological expression as well
as transits, progressions and relational experiences is essential for traversing our life
journey and achieving balance and alignment with our soul purpose.
The Bach Flower Remedies, a complete system of healing comprised of 38 flower
essences, work specifically to support the emotional and spiritual condition of a person
by promoting balance, resilience, and well-being. Created by the visionary Dr. Edward
Bach in the early 20 the century, the foundation of the system is based on the Unity of all
According to creator Dr. Edward Bach, “We are here for the purpose of gaining all the knowledge and experience which can be learned through earthly existence, for developing the virtues we lack and for wiping out all that is wrong with us, thus advancing toward the perfection of our nature. The Soul, knowing what environment and circumstances can best enable us to fulfill this
purpose, guides us there.”

Come explore how integrating the Bach Flower Remedies with astrological practice can
support you and your clients in balancing the emotional states and personality traits that
relate to the signs of the zodiac. Together, we will explore how to begin applying these
natural healing remedies to navigating natal patterns, transits, progressions, and
relational experiences.


Beth Shekinah Terrence, MS is a Shaman, Holistic Transformational Facilitator and
Recovery Coach. She has been supporting others professionally in healing,
transformation, and integration for over 28 years. She initially stepped onto this path
through her own healing journey of recovery through addiction, trauma, and
fibromyalgia. Finding a holistic, spiritual, and restorative foundation to be essential, she
is passionate about carrying the medicine she has gathered forward to support others.
Beth Shekinah is a Bach Flower Registered Practitioner and Level 1 Teacher through
the Bach International Education Program (BIEP). The remedies have a been a core
part of her integrative holistic practice for 25 years. She views them as an essential tool
for emotional and energetic balance, and integration. She has been a lifelong student of
astrology, and currently studies through mentorship with Noel Eastwood of Pluto’s Cave,
and the Moira Press Astrology School. Recently, she has begun to integrate astrology
into her client sessions as a way to help individuals understand themselves more deeply
and to open a roadmap to help guide their healing process from an evolutionary

Beth Shekinah offers Holistic Shamanic Transformation Sessions and Programs in
Annapolis, Maryland and virtually. She offers classes and workshop on topics related to
transformation and healing with a strong focus on emotional, energetic, and spiritual
healing. Additionally, through her Holistic Recovery Pathways program, she supports
individuals, communities, and organizations in integrating holistic approaches to support
addiction and mental health recovery.

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June 29
1:30 PM - 3:00 PM PDT