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The Andean Cosmology and the Chakras with Claudia Couprie

Did you know that the Incas used the same 7 chakras that you are familiar with thanks to Yoga from India? In one hour, discover the basics of Andean cosmology, learn the role and importance of the energy system composed of the 7 main chakras and participate in a guided meditation.

My name is Claudia Couprie, I am French and have been living in Aruba since 2005. For a long time, I thought I was a French teacher. It has been my passion to teach my mother tongue with love and dedication to young people aged 12-18.

But after 24 years I have chosen to do something that has even more meaning to me: to use my gifts and knowledge of the chakras to help people on their own path.

Since 2018 I have been taking courses and receiving initiations from a shaman from Cuzco. Thanks to these courses and initiations I have discovered my own energy and a method of working with chakras. I continue to develop and learn about the chakras. I have been giving chakra treatments since 2019 and I get enormous satisfaction from that.

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  • Claudia Couprie - Andean Cosmology and Chakras - 134.90M