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Navigating Destiny: An Introduction to Astrocartography with Deborah Norton

Dive into the fascinating world of Astrocartography with our 90-minute class, “Navigating Destiny: An Introduction to Astrocartography.” This course is designed for those intrigued by the interplay between astrology and geography, aiming to explore how different locations around the world can impact our lives, from personal growth to career opportunities, relationships, and spiritual well-being. Astrocartography, a branch of astrology, maps out the planetary influences based on your birth chart across the globe, offering insights into how geographical locations can affect your energy, fortunes, and life path. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler, planning a big move, or simply curious about the astrological forces at play in different regions, this class will provide you with the tools to understand and harness the power of planetary energies in relation to the Earth’s geography. 

  • The fundamentals of Astrocartography: Understanding how it works and its significance in astrology. 
  • How to interpret your personal astrocartography map and identify significant lines and points. 
  • The influence of planetary energies on your life when you are in different locations around the world. 
  • Strategies for making informed decisions about travel, relocation, and exploration based on astrological insights.
  • Practical tips for using Astrocartography in planning vacations, career moves, or finding a new home. 
  • How to incorporate Astrocartography into your personal growth and spiritual journey.
  • The Psychology of Astro*Carto*Graphy by Jim Lewis
  • Finding Your Best Places: Using Astrocartography to Navigate Your Life (Best Places Astrocartography) by Dan Furst

Deborah Norton has over 15 years of professional experience as an astrologer, melding her profound understanding of the complex interplay between celestial bodies and human consciousness to offer transformative insights. Her journey in astrology has equipped her with a deep well of knowledge, which she skillfully applies to help her clients gain a deeper understanding of their life’s patterns, challenges, and opportunities. With a steadfast focus on empowerment and personal growth, Deborah is committed to working closely with each client, crafting customized readings that resonate with their unique path and aspirations.


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