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How to Grow Micro-Greens with Christian Baumgardt

This microgreen course will educate folks on what microgreens are, their health benefits, and how to grow some basic broccoli microgreens. The course will cover fun facts, flavor profiles and health benefits of various microgreens.

If you preorder a microgreen kit from Christian prior to the class, you will be able to follow along step by step to start growing your own microgreens. Micro Green kits are available from Christian’s website,

Instructor Bio

Christian Baumgart is a Gemini Sun, Cancer Moon, Virgo Rising. He has been learning astrology by attending the Astro Forum and a few master classes with Andrea Gerhz and “the crew” since March 2023. He has a background in Choral Music Education, Printing, and Graphic Design. He began his small microgreens business April 2023 while Jupiter entered Taurus in his 9th house. Prior to his microgreen career he was an avid herb and flower gardener at home in his spare time.

Owning a small urban farm fuels his Virgo Risings passion for scheduling crops, maintaining a sterile work environment, and following weekly procedures on the farm. He uses urban farming practices that involve vertical gardening techniques to grow microgreens fast and efficiently for farmers markets every weekend. His Sun conjunct Mercury in Gemini gives him an astounding ability to educate folks at farmers markets about the benefits of microgreens. He is incredibly excited to step into a teaching role about microgreens!

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