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Curanderismo with Nels Hernandez

An evening exploring the healing remedies of curanderismo and learning the roots of where it began and how we can all apply our own divine magic using everyday items to promote spiritual transformation and healing. If possible have an Egg and a glass of water ready (we will be performing an Egg limpia at the end of the class).

Bio: My name is Nels Hernandez. I am a Shamanic Healer and Spiritual Teacher, combining traditional Shamanic techniques with an Intuitive approach. I help bridge the connection of your Mind, Body and Spirit. Bringing through healing energy and information, I will assist you in opening up to your true potential, with the ultimate goal of awakening your true self.

Starting when I was just a kid around 5 years old, I always had a special gift of being sensitive to people’s energy. I was able to see spirits and auras. I could perceive energy and information, which translated to me in a gut feeling and gentle voice that would interpret the information I would see. As I grew older, I met different spiritual teachers and had many different mentors, who ultimately assisted me in understanding that I was different. I had a special gift of helping others in a spiritual approach. My mission and passion in life is now to help those who are ready to awaken their spiritual self, one step at a time, making the unfoldment as safe and clear as possible.

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