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Connecting to Spirit Through Your Chart with Fern Allen

In this class, we’ll explore how to connect with your spiritual essence through an astrological lens. We’ll delve into specific aspects of your birth chart that reveal where your Higher Self is most active and influential.

Firstly, we’ll examine Neptune’s placement in your chart, focusing on the house it occupies. Neptune represents the ethereal realms and spiritual dimensions. By understanding Neptune’s position, we can identify where your Higher Self resonates most strongly within the complexities of the physical world.

Next, we’ll analyze the degree of your rising sign, which is a unique and precise point in your chart. This degree holds significant insights into your individuality and spiritual journey, providing a personalized perspective on your soul’s path.

We’ll then explore Jupiter’s placement, as it signifies where your Higher Self brings joy and bestows gifts upon you. Jupiter’s influence can guide us towards areas of spiritual growth and fulfillment.

The North and South Nodes will also be a focal point of our exploration. These points highlight key areas of evolutionary growth and lessons that are essential for your Higher Self’s soul journey.

Lastly, we’ll closely examine your Moon’s placement to understand the stage of evolution your soul is experiencing. This lunar aspect provides valuable insights into the resonance necessary for connecting with your Higher Self effectively.

Together, through these astrological insights, we’ll uncover pathways to attune with your spiritual essence and embrace the transformative journey towards alignment with your Higher Self.

Fern Capella Allen is an experienced astrologer and intuitive guide with over 20 years of deep exploration into the mystical realms. She’s a regular at astrology conferences like UAC (2008, 2012) and NORWAC, bringing a wealth of cosmic knowledge to her consultations.

Fern’s transformative astrological readings tap into the cosmic energies, resonating deeply with seekers on their spiritual journeys. With 8 years of tarot expertise, she seamlessly blends intuitive insights and divine downloads into her sessions.

Her unique approach combines astrology, tarot, and intuitive wisdom, fostering a profound connection to clients’ higher selves and spiritual truths. Fern is also an accomplished writer, authoring “Wait Till You See Me”, a poignant reflection on love and loss with her twin flame. Her poetry has graced numerous national anthologies, offering a soulful perspective on life’s mysteries.

Beyond her spiritual practice, Fern is a devoted mother, grandmother, and cherished caretaker of her furry companions. Through her guidance, Fern invites you to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening.

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