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Beginning Pendulum Dowsing with Lisa Allen

Do you want a way to get specific, precise information by accessing the Universal Energy (Source) that invisibly, yet powerfully, interconnects everything?  While dowsing has been called the “God Telephone” and can get you information that even Google can’t find, psychic abilities on their own tend to bring lots of information that can be random, and useful.  But, it can also leave a lot of information out – some of which would have greatly helped you make an urgent, important decision!

Example: You’re in a store because you ran out of shampoo, and the store is out of your specific shampoo you usually use with good results.  Do you try something else, or go to another store?  If you are short on time, and decide to try something else, how can you quickly, without reading every label, make a choice and save time in the process?

Knowing how to use a pendulum can help you decide which shampoo to buy, or to go to another store that will have your shampoo.  You’ll save not only time, but money.  And you might even discover a shampoo you like better!

With practice, you can later with confidence test the energies of foods to see if they trigger reactions with allergies, or lead to weight gain.  With bigger purchases, you can ask which car you want to buy, or to wait for a better car – or even a future sale.  Knowing how to dowse, as well as knowing exactly what to ask, can save you so much more than the low cost of this class!

Come with a pendulum, or something that can be suspended from your fingers, feel weighted, and swing freely in all directions.  In a pinch, you might, for example, use a necklace.

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