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Becoming Saturn with Katherine O’Connell

This is an exploration of the first, second, and third Saturn Returns together with the opening and closing oppositions and squares. Dr. Katherine O’Connell opens this webinar with a new way of viewing Saturn based on Pre Hellenistic mythic stories. She offers both fresh and ancient ways of looking at Saturn that are both mythic and science based.

Additionally, Dr. O’Connell draws parallels of Saturn cycles to natural human growth and development as viewed from Social Psychology and Ptolemy.

Illustrated with chart examples how Saturn acts as a gateway to personal and collective growth and healing, she offers personal, group and mundane chart examples of Saturn cycles.

I have a background as an Astrologer (60 years), Clinical Psychologist, and an Interfaith Minister. As a Psychologist I have authored two books on recovery and the healing process, taught internationally at Graduate Schools and Medical Schools, both Allopathic and Chinese, and served as a health care policy consultant to a U.S. President. As an Interfaith Minister, I have trained Interfaith Clergy, visited with tribal groups, traveled and led rituals and reconciliation gatherings on three continents.

Astrology is my greatest joy since it entered my life at thirteen. I have many lineages as a Psychologist and an Astrologer, a divinatory gift since childhood, and a way of bringing magic and hope that is nourishing to humans, plants and animals. As an Astrologer I have an intuitive and eclectic approach, utilizing both ancient and modern techniques. I believe that hope and joy are connected and a synergistic experience of these can be shared online or in person. I am a member of OPA, CIA, ISAR and NCGR.

I have an international online practice involving Astrology, coaching, training and speaking.


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