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Author Reading with Amy Bleu

Rife with sex, drugs, and rock and roll: Take a hit and follow Amelia on her strange trip.In My Secret Life follows the adventures of Amelia, a freelance art and fashion model who also does adult content. She becomes bored working for amateur photographers, and so she begins following them in her off-time–taking pictures of them. Searching for meaning in her life and her work while also navigating what she wants in a romantic partner after being single and focused entirely on her modeling for long. Mia is a photographer’s widow struggling to figure out who she is in the wake of her husband’s death. She and the model continually cross paths as they both search for meaning and direction in their lives. In My Secret Life is largely about the things people do when they think no one is looking.

“Amy Bleu is a writer, musician, social worker, mother and (mostly) retired model. Her work has appeared in magazines such as BUST, and in anthologies such as Quarter Passed and Flatmancrooked’s Slim Volume of Contemporary Poetics. In My Secret Life is her first novel. Bleu is currently working on non-fiction, poetry and music. Bleu is frequently touring the west coast, and also does booking for several other artists in the Northwest, as an agent through her booking & record label, Veritable Vagabond. She lives in Portland, Ore. with her son and her cat.”

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