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AstroErotics™: The Planets as Sexual Realms with Nate Speare

AstroErotics™ is an experiential approach to sexuality that uses astrology and consent-driven somatic & mythopoetic practices to gain greater access to erotic fulfillment. This work/play articulates the planets as realms of erotic kinship, knowing that we are entangled not only with lovers but also with other-than-human erotic archetypal powers. This class is a journey to reclaim our erotic imaginations as an embrace of these other-than-human archetypal relations and ecologies. Removing the social stigma, shame and dogma attached to so many of the desires we experience, this AstroErotics™ class offers ways to play and grow in your most present erotic realm, as well as activating the imaginal realms of sexuality less familiar to you. It introduces tantalizing frameworks you can adapt to a variety of solo or partnered contexts, inviting you to reclaim your desires as sacred and place your sexuality in a greater context of cosmic kinship.

Teacher Bio: 

Nate Speare(M.F.A.) is a multidisciplinary artist, astrologer, arts educator and writer. Their current work centers on therapeutic storytelling, shadow work, pleasure-centered bodywork, extended range voice performance and astrological approaches to sex & desire (AstroErotics™). Their aim is to serve the unfoldment of the ‘soul’s code’ of their readers, clients and students. Nate’s oral storytelling work has been featured at the United Nations and in public schools all over New York City as well as in therapeutic storytelling programs for incarcerated men at Rikers Island. Nate has served on several federal research grants using arts education to enhance the kinesthetic & social-emotional learning of students with disabilities. A certified pleasure & intimacy coach through Urban Tantra®, Nate’s client & community work has developed AstroErotics™, an experiential approach using astrology and consent-driven somatic & mythopoetic practices to gain greater access to erotic fulfillment. Nate has served as an editor and transcriber on the Opening the Dharma Treasury board at Naropa University and has taught at Salem Folklore & Witchcraft Festival, Queer Astrology Conference and the Myth and Theatre Festival (Pantheatre, France). Nate aims to offer creative, liberatory and pragmatic guidance to anyone who works with them. Nate’s practice, Weird Astro Body, includes client work, performances and writings. Nate is co-artistic director of Nekyia Theatre and lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

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