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The ASC/ascendant aka Rising Sign with Thorne Waya Davis

May 9 @ 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM PDT

This class will discuss overall the functions of the rising sign, what it means, why it’s important,

and how it can be expressed in a person’s natal Astro chart ~ the format will be collaborative

and interactive. ASL (American sign language) interpreter accessibility provided.

~ Thorne’s Big Three: Leo ♌️ASC Mars Saturn / Gemini ♊️ sun mercury / Cancer ♋️ Moon Venus

Jupiter Lilith ~

Thorne is Deaf, Queer, Trans, non-binary, and bilingual with ASL (American sign language) & English.Their pronouns are they/he. Currently based at Portland, Oregon aka the stolen indigenous lands of the Siltez and Grand Ronde confederated tribes (among many others such as the Multnomah, Cowlitz, and more indigenous peoples). Self-taught and professional astrologer, tarot reader, teacher, workshop presenter, & magical consultant; They offer services both at local Portland shop Queen Meb and as a independent contractor.

The stars, planets, and cosmos have always been close to Thorne since a child then they started to get into learning more about astrology back in their late 20s/early 30s soon after they initially got into tarot/oracle cards then no looking back since then to now. These two are the core modalities that they work with among many others including runes, energy work, chakras, etc. Thorne pursued some formal training through (now defunct PSA) Portland School of Astrology for one year to solidify and integrate even more of a practice, knowledge, and understanding of the astrology frameworks. Thorne has also attended several of the PSA astrology conferences in the past as well as has been involved with two previous Queer Astrology online conferences.

A couple of the brilliant astrologers have had some influence and still continue in the present with informing Thorne’s current astrological research, learning, training, and practices: JP Hawthorne, Andrea Gehrz, Chani Nicholas, Colin Bedell, and Jessica Landayoo among many others. Thorne is truly fortunate to know some amazing peers and colleagues in the community. They are a continuous student of the stars, planets, and cosmos among so much else in life. Thorne works with folx from all walks of life. It’s always a honor to hold space and facilitate sessions with clients while witnessing the energies of their natal chart as well as transits. All of Thorne’s services are accessible with ASL (American sign language) for those who need and prefer that.

For more info about Thorne, their work, etc ~ y’all can find Thorne at their website:; Instagram account handle @heartofoak8; Queen Meb website for both walk in and virtual/online readings: (divination, tarot readers, and services). For hiring my services and/or questions, comments, etc ~ please contact Thorne via their work email: and/or Marco Polo video message. Many thankees and much appreciated ✨✨✨


Email or private message Andrea Gehrz on Facebook to Register. 


May 9
5:30 PM - 6:30 PM PDT